BNS adds 6th Mirror Site to WebMirroring Service

Bnshosting added another mirror site to complement their WebMirroring Service. This is a web accelerator service that significantly decreases website download times, and increases the web service capacity of your existing webserver. There is no need to buy expensive equipment like F5 Big IP for this. Our service requires minimal setup for the website owner to start enjoying the benefits.

Measuring tool for web mirroring was courtesy of The measuring tool can be found on this url

Case Study 1: Palarong Pambansa 2012

Last May 2012, the website became inaccesible from huge volume of the peak traffic. Due to large number of viewers on the site, the existing server capacity was not sufficient to support the traffic demands.Bitstop Network Services Inc. offered its web mirroring service to mirror the content and serve content from multiple locations worldwide using GEO aware load balancing. This accelerated the loading of the said website and users were served from the nearest mirror site.

After web mirroring by Bitstop, the Palaro site became accessible faster and was able to support thousands of viewers without any more incidents.

Case Study 2: Performance result of Unmirrored site and the Mirrored Site. is one of Philippines’ premier online radio stations site. This site is hosted at Bitstop. With the rapid growth of traffic from millions of Overseas Filipino Workers, eRadioportal decided to use BNS Web Mirroring service. WebMirroring enabled worldwide users to be served from the nearest mirror server using BNS GEO Aware load balancing system.

This means that users in France and Germany, for example, were served from our Amsterdam server, while users in Singapore were served from our Singapore Mirror. Independent measurement confirms the value of WebMirroring. Two URLs that point to the same origin server ( and were measured using hyperspin’s multiple measurement points.

The results below show that the Mirrored URL ( had faster response times compared to the non mirrored URL (

1. Graph 1 Mirrored Site was mirrored and it has a shorter traceroute in all countries with an average of 788ms Performance Result.


Graph 2: Unmirrored Site is a site with the same content on since it was not mirrored it has a longer traceroute and 985ms average Performance Result on different countries compared to the mirrored site with 788ms.


Windows 2012 is now available!

It is the first version of Windows Server to have no support for Itanium-based computers.The software was generally available to customers starting on September 4, 2012 and worldwide through multiple channels in September 2012.

Windows Server 2012 includes version 8.0 of Internet Information Services (IIS). The new version contains new features such as CPU usage caps for particular websites.