World Robot Games 2017 CHAMPION in Singapore

BNS is very proud that one of our ojt JOSEPH DULAY of DWAD is a World Robot Games 2017 (1 KG Sumobot Open) Champion held in the Lion City Metropolis, Singapore on November 10-11, 2017.


His project in BNS is related to “Edge detector robot using ESPresso”.

The file below shows a comparison and also a review between the ATX2 and ESPresso Lite V2. It specifies the advantages of each board when it comes to its peripherals and components, and to what field suits the advantage given by these boards.


ATX2 and ESPresso Comparison


A short documentation about how my team (DWAD Robotics team) encountered ESPresso Lite V2 for the for the first time. Comparison between the reaction of the robot with 2 different boards mounted is also included inside the file. The source codes are also inside for the next enthusiast to try the testing.




Connecting 5V power supply to the ESPresso Lite V2 shows faster movements and improved reaction time compared to the last activity using 3v. The file shows the comparison between espresso using different voltages and the ATX2 micro controller.


espresso with 5v