Transcription Turn Key Hosted Server

We are now offering an all in one box hosted server solution for transcription companies:

1. Allow principals to upload their audio files.
2. Allows managers to assign the work
3. Allows managers to track the progress of the work.
4. Allows encoders to upload finished work. Including ability to track versions, and to lock out a file for editing.
5. Allows automatic notifications to both principals and selected persons when work is finished.
6. Allows for full index of work submitted for fast retrieval.
7. Enables Calendar, events and survey applications to be run in a team based environment.

Very easy to use! Contact us now for more details.

Gartner’s Prediction on Data Center Hosting Problems

By 2008, nearly 50% of data centers worldwide will lack the necessary power and cooling capacity to support high-density equipment. With higher densities of processors proliferating, problems in this area continue to grow. Although the power and cooling challenge of high-density computer equipment will persist in the short term, a convergence of innovative technologies will begin to mitigate the problem by 2010.–Gartner