Server Co-location

Server Co location
Server Co location

Clients typically choose to have their own servers hosted in our data center. This is ideal when you want to run high-volume web sites, custom applications or simply require a higher level of security and performance than a shared hosting solution can offer.

From simply maintaining your operating system to full management of all services, BNS Hosting offers proactive server management with reasonable rates.

Our rates for co-located server will depend on the wattage of the power supply. In general, the higher the power supply wattage, the higher the power consumption, and hence there will be a corresponding higher monthly co-location fee.

Monthly recurring rate: Php 11 760.00 (For 500W)
One time set up fee Php 1,500.00

Weekly Server Backup
Additional Watts on power supply
Php 1, 750.00 /server/month
Php 1, 200.00/100 watts / month

Added Benefits:

  • 24×7 SNMP based monitoring
  • 24×7 Tech Support (chat, phone, email)
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addressing



5 thoughts to “Server Co-location”

  1. Hi, we would like to request for a quote regarding the services/packages you offer for Colocation. Please include the rack units, bandwidth, power allocation if possible. Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you!

  2. Hi there!

    Would like to know more about your co-location services.

    Basically we are thinking of bringing in some of our servers, network devices, GSM modems and other equipment into your facility and have it protected mainly with redundancies such as network connection and power.

    Can you send us a quote based on the above mentioned arrangements?

  3. our company, The Philippine Economic Zone Authority is interested with your Colocation service.
    so if possible, we would to request a quotation of this service for 2 HP servers with web based application for the company’s clients.
    Please include relevant information like monthly/installation fees, bandwidth allocation, num of IP addresses assigned, etc. If you can provide
    any sugestion/recomendations with regards to our planned project, it will be very much appreciated

  4. But the problem is I can’t connect to our coloc server through RDC for more than a month already. I can’t connect even with your OpenVPN client software is connected to your VPN. I hope for immediate solution on this problem.

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