BNS Welcomes Interns from ISAP

BNSHosting welcomes our interns from International School of Asia and the Pacific (ISAP), Cagayan : Hanzel Catalan, Jefferson Biagtan, Justine Mae De Vera, Mariane Mejia, Sir Myke Albert Macutay Tejada, (ISAP Research Coordinator and CITE OJT Coordinator), and three of the 10 interns.

The interns will continue the Air quality sensor project and deploy 20 units in selected participating LGUs.

ISAP complete interns
ISAP complete interns (L-R) Angelica Allam, Carolyn Soriano, Samuel Jimenez, Roland-jay Ruz, Darlito Ortiz, Dave Lourence, Tugaoen, Lhex Duyao, Daryl Taniegra, Sir June Vergel Querol (Program Coordinator), Lerma Guiyab, Sir Myke Albert Tejada (Adviser), Prince Jack Real Adds Starlink connection expanded our redundancy by ordering  Starlink. This provides our Customers with More Reliable and High-Speed Internet Access.

In recent years, SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service has been making waves in the world of telecommunications. With its low latency, high-speed, and global coverage capabilities, Starlink is poised to revolutionize the way we connect to the internet. And for businesses with data centers, adding a Starlink satellite to their existing infrastructure can have numerous benefits for their customers.

First and foremost, adding a Starlink satellite to an existing data center can greatly improve the reliability and availability of the internet connection for customers. With its global coverage and redundancy, Starlink can ensure that internet access remains uninterrupted even in the event of a local outage or disruption. This is especially critical for businesses that rely heavily on the internet to conduct their operations, such as e-commerce sites or financial institutions. By providing a more reliable connection, businesses can minimize the risk of downtime and ensure that their customers can always access their services.

Another key benefit of adding a Starlink satellite to a data center is the increased speed and bandwidth it can provide. Starlink’s high-speed internet can provide customers with faster access to data and applications, which can improve their productivity and efficiency. In addition, the increased bandwidth can enable businesses to expand their online offerings and provide customers with more comprehensive and feature-rich services.What Do You Know About Starlink? - Moniem-Tech

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of Starlink is its low latency. Unlike traditional satellite internet services, which often suffer from high latency due to the time it takes for signals to travel to and from orbit, Starlink’s low-earth orbit satellites can provide latency as low as 20ms. This is a game-changer for businesses that require real-time data access or low-latency communication, such as online gaming or video conferencing. With Starlink, businesses can provide their customers with a seamless and responsive experience that rivals traditional wired connections.

Finally, adding a Starlink satellite to an existing data center can provide businesses with a competitive advantage. By offering faster, more reliable, and more feature-rich internet services, businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract more customers. In addition, the global coverage provided by Starlink can enable businesses to expand their reach and offer their services to customers in remote or underserved areas.

From increased reliability and availability to faster speeds and low latency, Starlink’s unique capabilities can help businesses improve their online offerings and differentiate themselves in a competitive market. As Starlink continues to expand its coverage and capabilities, we can expect to see more and more businesses take advantage of this innovative technology.

PSU Alaminos Visits BNSHosting.Net Facilities

On a sunny Tuesday morning, a group of faculty and staff from Pangasinan State University (PSU) Alaminos Campus made the trip to the offices for a site visit. The members were made up by Mr Christian Paul Cruz, Mr D’ alchemy Mones and Mr Rodolfo Raborar II. The purpose of the visit was to provision their appointment web app and to learn more about the inner workings of a successful hosting company. The parties also explored potential collaboration opportunities between and PSU.

Upon arrival, the PSU delegation was warmly greeted by the team and given a tour of the facilities. They were able to see firsthand the technology and infrastructure that powers the hosting company’s services. They were particularly impressed by the company’s state-of-the-art server room, which houses high-performance servers that keep websites and applications running smoothly for clients around the world.

The PSU group also had the opportunity to meet with key members of the team who provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of running a hosting business. The team shared best practices, strategies and technologies they used to manage the large number of servers and customers they serve.

One of the highlights of the visit was a discussion of potential collaboration opportunities between and PSU. The two organizations discussed the possibility of offering internships and training opportunities to PSU students, as well as the development of joint research projects. The team also expressed interest in collaborating with PSU’s computer science department to develop new hosting-related technologies.

Overall, the site visit was a valuable experience for both the PSU delegation and the team. It provided an opportunity for the two organizations to learn from one another and explore ways to work together in the future. The PSU group left the offices with a deeper understanding of the hosting industry and new ideas for collaboration.

The visit ended with a promise for a follow-up meeting and with hope of forming a partnership. The PSU delegation thanked the team for their hospitality and for the valuable insights they gained during the visit.

National Cyber Drill 2021


Day 1 (November 24, 2021 ): National Cyber Drill 2021 (Day 1)

Day 2 (November 25, 2021): National Cyber Drill 2021 (Day 2) 

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT)-Cybersecurity Bureau will be conducting the fourth leg of its annual National Cyber Drill Exercise on 24 to 25 November 2021, with the theme, “Cybersecurity Starts with You: Building a CyberSecured Society.”

The conduct of this activity is part of the mandate of the Philippines National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-PH) as stated in the DICT Department Circular 003 series of 2020.

Through the CERT-PH initiative, this year’s cyber drill will focus on enhancing public awareness and assessing the public’s perspective on cybersecurity and their capacity to protect themselves from cyber threats and cyberattacks.

CERT-PH believes that a more holistic and inclusive approach in implementing the annual cyber drill is a step forward to creating a more proactive approach in addressing various cybersecurity threats in the country.

The two-day exercise will include a series of activities that will help assess and improve the participating organizations and individuals’ incident response capabilities to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

The first drill, conducted on the first day of the two-day activity, will be open to the public regardless of their age and background. The primary purpose of this activity is to make the public more involved to develop a better understanding of cybersecurity as a public concern.

On the other hand, the second part will cater to individuals and organizations with advanced cybersecurity knowledge. Like the previous years, the drill will also include simulations of cyberattacks and IT security incidents to test the participants’ readiness and capabilities to respond to various risks and threats. 

CERT-PH highlighted that familiarity with the given situations would strengthen each participants’ preparedness in solving issues relating to cybersecurity. This approach will also help them better understand how to handle the incidents in a specific case and be part of the cyber solution.

Participants who wish to be part of the National Cyber Drill  2021 will have to register separately for the two-day event.

Registration is OPEN from November 5 until November 17, 2021
This is a FREE event. E-Certificates will be provided upon completion of the drill.

For inquiries, send us an email to