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BNSHosting is a service of Bitstop Network Services Inc. We are composed of a group of certified professionals in both hardware (Comptia+), Security (EC-Council, Security+) and Software (Microsoft, Cisco). We are a major Tier I data center located north of Manila.

Our facilities include multiple gateways to the internet, so no single outage stops our operations. Our power systems are fed by triple feeder lines backed up by two generator sets. We are also one of the earliest adopters of renewal energy in the industry. This lowers our overall carbon footprint.

We provide network consultancy as well as monitoring and security services for our clients in addition to application and data hosting services. Our clients are our partners. When our partners succeed, we succeed along with them. Our aim is to promote online businesses and provide our partners with the service to help them get their objectives.

If you need to know more about us, and our friendly staff are ‘online’, just click the Support Button on the upper right!

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  1. What happened to your live streaming feed of RX93.1 at the radio station’s website? I can’t access the feed anymore. I am currently listening thru the eradioportal.com site.

  2. Dear Sir,

    This is Alfred Chee from CCMedia. CCMedia is a multinational ISV specializing in web analytics with over 100 employees. As the leading web analytics solution provider in our home markets of Korea and Taiwan, we out sell companies such as WebTrends. I am writing to you to see whether there exists any business opportunity for us to explore in having our solution to be part of BNSHosting and Bitstop Network Services’ service arsenal.

    Unlike conventional analysis tools which rely on web log or Java script technology, our solution, WebNibbler utilizes a small module installed on web servers for data collection. This module automatically collects complete website clickstream for accurate and in-depth analysis. As a result, it is completely tag-free and effortless to maintain, making it ideal for the hosting environment. In addition, it can provide many unique features unmatched by conventional web log and tag based web analytics solutions. Using a combination of 1st party cookies, session keys and a recovery mechanism, we’d like to think that we deliver higher data accuracy as compared to other solutions.

    A demo of WebNibbler can be seen at http://ondemand.webnibbler.com
    ID / Password: bns / bns

    WebNibbler’s easy-to-use feature has been one of the key success factors in our home markets. We believe there exists many users in the Philippines who are looking for mid- to high-end web analytics solutions yet are put-off by the steep learning curve and maintenance requirements usually associated with such tools. WebNibbler will fit perfectly into this market segment. Depending on customers’ needs, WebNibbler is available as both on demand service and packages. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,

    Alfred Chee
    International Business Development Sales Manager

    CCMedia Technology
    12th Floor, No. 19-2, SanChung Road,
    NanGang District, Taipei 115,
    Taiwan, R.O.C.
    Tel: +886-2-2655-2828 Ext. 200
    Fax: +886-2-2655-1919
    Email: alfredchee@ccmedia.com.tw
    http://www.ccmedia.com ; http://www.webnibbler.com

    CCMedia in brief:
    Headquartered in Taiwan, CCMedia is a leading ISV specializing in Web Analytics with around 110 employees across offices in Taipei, Seoul and Beijing.
    Developed in Korea, a country that is advanced in terms of broadband and internet developments, our web analytics solution, WebNibbler, delivers performance on par with the leading products in the world. Dominating the high-end web analytics scene in Korea with >50% market share, we have been highly successful over the past seven years and have built a reputation for quality and reliability in Asia. Following are some recognition we have received for your information:
    – We are among 200 Asian IT companies short listed for Red Herring 100 Asia 2007.
    – We are the first ISV to ever receive an award in recognition of excellence in CRM from the Federation of Korean Information Industries.
    – We are one of only three software companies in Korea to be awarded a “GS” certification by the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication.
    These affirm our esteem in other references which includes major and well known corporations such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, eBay Korea, Lotte as well as the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, VIA Technologies and KYMCO. This year we further extends our solution as on demand service to service a greater market.
    For more information, please visit http://www.ccmedia.com ; http://www.webnibbler.com

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