Microsoft SPLA License Singapore Renewal

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Bnshosting is proud to announce that we have renewed our Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreement) with Microsoft Asia Pacific in Singapore.

This effectively allows BNShosting to “rent” out popular Microsoft licenses like Windows 2003, Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint Portal Service, CRM, and Small Business Server among others on a monthly per user basis.

We specialize in serving clients in the Asia Pacific Region. Philippines, Singapore, Malyasia, Taiwan, Hongkong and Indonesia.

This SPLA allows our client to more effectively match their budgets to their user levels. Benefits include:

Most Current Product Versions: With SPLA, service providers have access to the most current versions of the products available in the Program for one simple monthly price.

Flexible Cost Structure: The SPLA offers a monthly usage-based cost. Therefore you pay only for what was made available the previous month.
Pricing Stability: SPLA price changes (if any) will only occur on an annual basis in January.

Use Rights Protection: The Service Provider Use Rights (SPUR) document details all product use rights for this program. Product use rights are specific to each version and will not change for the duration of the program.

Cash Flow Management: With SPLA, service providers have near zero start-up costs, since they only pay for licenses based on what they made available to provide services each month.

Academic SKUs: Academic pricing on selected server products is available when service providers deploy services to Qualified Education Customers.
Worldwide Distribution: You can use Microsoft software products to sell your services to customers in any part of the world, regardless of your location.

More benefits can be found on the microsoft spla site.

Simple Licensing Model:
Products available to license via the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) are priced on a monthly basis. The Microsoft software products included in the program are available for licensing through two models:

Per User (Subscriber Access License)
Per Processor (CPU License)

Subscriber Access License (SAL)
In the SAL mode, a SAL is required for each unique individual who is authorized to use the software in any given month. Not all products are available to be licensed in the SAL Mode. Benefits of the Per Subscriber model include:

Subscribers can access any number of servers from any number of devices

Service providers can “scale out” by deploying as many servers as they need

Service providers have minimal start-up costs since they only pay based upon the number of subscribers they have each month.

Processor License (CPU)
When licensing via the CPU licenses, an unlimited number of end users can use the software running on a single CPU for each CPU license acquired. Some products are not available to be licensed in the Processor mode. Benefits of the Per CPU Model include:

CPU licenses are easier to monitor and count, which lowers the service provider’s administrative costs.
CPU licenses replace Internet Connector licenses, eliminating the need to distinguish between Internet, intranet, and extranet users.

CPU licenses are economical across a variety of business scenarios where the utilization of the software may vary.

For products that can be licensed in either Per Processor/CPU or Per User/Subscriber mode, the service provider can switch licensing mode from one month to another.

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