Cisco Router Configuration

Our Cisco Certified CCNA, CCDA professionals can help get your network up and running in the least amount of time. We can configure: 1600, 1700,2600,3600,3700, 7206 series routers to make it work with your lease line provder.

Services include:

1. Coordination with your carrier on the provisioning of lease line.

2. Configuring your router to work with carrier/telco provided IP address block, DNS, and gateway.

3. Securing the router from known attacks and hardening it.

4. Connecting your router to your local LAN.

5. Printout of the configuration settings created on the router.

Service guarantee: At the end of the configuration, your local computers should be able to ping the router, ping the gateway

of your telco provider, and access the internet.

Price: Php 15000.00

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