BNS Hosting is proud to host the official website of one of the Philippines’ most promising Actor/Singer, Jericho Rosales. Learn more about his story, career and music. From a great actor to a promising recording artist, Echo, begun his musical journey with his band called, “Jeans” under Manila Genesis Entertainment.

Surf on to know where you can catch him with his gigs. Also, you can find here the complete list of his songs along with the lyrics of their first album, “Loose Fit”.

Ruby on Rails Training

Mr Wilson Chua, President of is currently attending the Ruby on Rails training in Singapore, conducted by

He is sufficiently impressed with the speed of code creation for websites that are based on database backend.

What is more, little or no SQL background is necessary, as ROR makes this transparent to the web developer.

We would like to touch base with other ROR developer in the country and in SE Asia. Are there groups or clubs that are currently devoted to RoR training?

Manhattan Garden City is your garden residential condo in the heart of the city. Experience a new level of comfort, convenience and privacy in your own oasis above the city. Manhattan Garden City redefines convenience. If you wish to take a train to work, your home provides you with a hassle-free route to the MRT-3 and LRT-2 stations. A fully landscaped footbridge, set high above the commuting crowd, leads straight to the mass transit systems. It boast a four-meter walkway plus two meters of landscaped areas on each side.

La Preciosa Fine Dining and Catering Services evolved from the very first fine dining restaurant in the North, the Peppermint Restaurant (established in the late 70’s). The restaurant started to offer carefully selected Ilocano, Filipino and Spanish cuisine that appealed to the discriminating tastes of the Ilocano people.

Today, what started as a kitchenette has become very successful restaurant and catering service. From its small and cozy location, the owners opened its new location located in Rizal, Street, Laoag City. Continuing Preciosa Palma’s good will, good food and good service, La Preciosa is truly a dining pleasure worth experiencing.

They cater for Weddings, Debut, Birtdays, Baptisimals and other special occassions.

The City Council of Vigan is composed of the Vice Mayor as Presiding Officer, ten regular members and two ex-officio members namely the President ng mga Liga ng Barangay and the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation President.

The Council has maintained the transparency of its transactions by holding an open session where the public can attend. Media practitioners are encouraged to cover its sessions and to complement this, a multi-media projector has been provided in the session hall so that everybody attending can have a view of the documents and information being discussed in the City Council.

The website comes with the city’s latest news, a photo gallery, tourist spot links and more.

Stavellan International Co. is a pedestrian reflector manufacturing & distribution company with headquarters in Makati and manufacturing site located in Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Stavellan International Co. has initiated an unprecedented campaign in the Philippines to continuously evaluate, support, implement assistance measures to rectify and improve the safety consciousness and environmental need of pedestrians and motorists, and as such to eventually lessen, if not totally eliminate the incidence of accidents on the road.

With its commitment to safety, Stavellan International has local manufacturing in the Philippines for Soft Reflectors and it is promoting and providing CE certified and ISO 9001/14001 compliant Pedestrian Reflectors to the export markets as well.