Try out Myportal StartPage Solution

If you are getting tired of having to check a lot of email servers or tired of checking out a few dozen websites everyday,  or always forget the juicy links? — Where was that page again — then kiss those problems goodbye with’s Home Startpage solution.

With BNS startpage system you get to check out all your favorite sites inside one address. Try it out by registering and using it! Recommend this to your iends! Check out For Work At Home and Home Based Work

BNShosting has just enabled the automatic building of resumes on the site.

The is a web site that caters to work-at home job applicants and job searchers. The web site also caters to home based work such as interior decorators and home planners, carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, gardeners and the like for home improvement projects. also caters to health and lifestyle services like manicurist, hair and make up artists, spa services and the like. Other services include home tutoring and language specialists.

Registration is free for all. No fees are charged to employers seeking to employ qualified candidates in the zip code/zone that they are looking to place them for. So please take the time to refer this to your ‘suki’s and help them market their skills and succeed!

Homeservice web site is growing our community of registered providers. If you have an organization that wants to provide this free service to your members, please let us know and we will want to work with you to achieve that!

From our months of operations, we have noticed that the secret to success for skill providers is to create the impressive resume that highlights their skills and lets the employers know about them and choose them from among the crowd.

Homeservice already has such an option built in and it is free to use.

PNP Region 8 Online

The   Philippine National Police, Region 8 has launched their website to move the PNP forward in protecting the community through a truthful service.

Their Vision:
The presence of professional, dynamic and motivated PNP personnel, the presence of resources a collaborative partnership with stakeholders from the community and the presence of responsive, empowered and engaged citizenry who proactively take part in the fight against criminality to ensure a stable and peaceful community.

Few of the website contents are News Releases, Crime Maps, Pictorials/Activities Wanted Persons and Organizational Chart with information to other police stations in Samar, Biliran, LEyte and Ormoc. pilot project for Live Response

BNS Hosting has chosen Isuzu Gencars, Philippines as one of the pilot project for our Live Response service.  This  allows staff users to constantly monitor/manage support desk and chat with clients for inquiries.

BNS will be engaging with Isuzu Gencar’s website visitors in real conversation!   A “live chat” button will be placed on any page of the website so visitors can request a live chat session, or our staff user can proactively request to chat with the visitor. Aggregator Site

BNS launched today the website to act as the aggregator of content for all the prepys blog authors! You dont need to visit each prepys blog site to find out if there is a new story.

Just check out the main aggregator site at If you click on each new article, it will take you to the original source blog!

Please check it out! If you are a writer and would like to join our prepys community, kindly email us at team[at]

Domain Name Resolution Problems with PLDT and Globe DNS Servers

If you are getting weird problems connecting to the web, and are using PLDT’s or Globe’s DSL service, we may have a stumbled upon a less than optimal DNS entry on our side. 

Lately, we have been receiving reports from our hosted clients using PLDT  and Globe internet connection that they cannot view websites.  During the investigation of the problem, we initially thought that there was temporary problem with PLDT’s DNS servers. As out test below would show, some other DNS servers on the Net did not have the same problem.

The details of our test show the following:

1. When the client is using PLDT’s DNS server (from DSL),  the DNS query will fail.


*** can’t find www.m**********.com: Server failed
2. When the client is using OPen DNS server, the DNS query returns a proper answer and succeed.

> server

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    www.m*********.com

So we escalated the problem to PLDT’s top network honchos and asked them what they were seeing from their side. It seems that both PLDT and Globe servers could not resolve the IP address of one of the Name Servers on our side. But other name servers on the internet could.

While we were troubeshooting the problem, we advised our clients to use OPENDNS when encountering problems that are related to PLDT and Globe DNS server. Here are the instructions on how to change DNS settings to OpenDNS

After exhaustive investigation, it seems that our NS records did not have the accompanying A records. (In layman’s terms, it was not fully compatible with some of the DNS servers out there). So we corrected the problem, and with help from PLDT DNS guys,we were able to get confirmation that the DNS servers are now in sync and compatible with PLDT DNS.

Warning about Copyright Infringement

BNS would like to remind our hosted clients to respect IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) of copyright owners. It is to warn everybody about Copyright Infringement of software. If one is not careful with the software they use, they might be charged with software piracy which is punishable by law.

One of our clients just got an email from a copyrighted software about their use of vbulletin software which was unlicensed by the hosted clients.  Not only is this embarrasing, it could subject the site owner to possible legal liabilities.

The owner of the software has the right to sue, and if one is proven guilty of copyright infringement, charges includes an immediate order to stop using the software, confiscation of other items involved, paying the owner of the copyright any profits you received from using the software and other damages.

The electronic delivery of extension service is a network of institutions that provide a more efficient alternative to a traditional extension system for agriculture, fisheries and natural resources sectors. It maximizes the use of information and communication technology to attain a modernized agriculture and fisheries sector. It focuses on creating an electronic and interactive bridge where farmers, fishers and other stakeholders meet and transact to enhance productivity, profitability and global competitiveness.

Their Mission: To enhance and institutionalize the e-Extension system in agriculture, fisheries, and natural resources for optimal application, utilization and exchange among users and partners

Isuzu Gencars Online

Isuzu Gencars, Inc. is a dealer of ISUZU vehicles in the Philippines. Their preventive maintenance services include general auto repairs; tune-up services, break service and repair, A/C services, transmission services, starter repair and replacement, clutch repair, front and rear end suspension and electrical short and charging system repairs.

Their mission is: “To be one of the Best Dealer in the motor vehicle industry, committed to market only the best products and to provide quality service to achieve complete customer satisfaction.”

Visit Isuzu Gencars at their branches in Makati, Batangas, San Pablo, Laguna and Legaspi City.