.ASIA Land Rush

Consider registering your site under the soon to be launched .asia domain name. There is .asia sunrise time period now. 

The Sunrise refers to the period of time prior to the launch of the new .asia top-level domain during which owners of trademarks are eligible to register a .asia domain name containing the owned mark, for example: nike.asia, sony.asia

The Landrush refers to the initial period of public availability of the new .asia top-level domain. Interested registrants who qualify for the CER can submit their entries now for the .asia Landrush priority registration. 

When does .asia become available to the public?
General availability of .asia is March 2008

Updates on Microsoft Launch of New Webdev tools

Mr Jay Joson, DPE director at Microsoft Philippines and Bitstop Inc are going to be jointly promoting Microsoft’s Web development tools. Microsoft is planning to launch a series of workshop sessions which will be archived and hosted by Bitstop Inc for online access.

All web developers are urged to send in their contact details to team[at]bnshosting.net. The list of web developers that we compile here will get an invitation from Microsoft for their tutorials on webdevelopment focusing on Silverlight and Expression Design and Expression Blend

Check out http://silverlight.net/Learn/ – teaches you how to use Expression.  Good material for web developers !

Ruby on Rails on .NET?

The lead on the Ruby.Net project throws his support behind IronRuby, though not all supporters agree with the move.

Two efforts to deliver an implementation of the Ruby language on the .Net platform have merged into one. Or have they?

Rather than continue to chase the same goal, Wayne Kelly, a lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology and the lead on the Ruby.Net project, said he is refocusing his efforts on Microsoft’s IronRuby implementation. The Queensland University of Technology is based in Brisbane, Australia.

However, some supporters of the Ruby.Net project are considering keeping it going as a “stepping stone” while IronRuby is being developed.

Kelly, who presented the progress of the Ruby.Net project  Jan. 29 at the Lang.Net conference on Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash., campus, announced Feb. 4 that he now plans to support the IronRuby effort.

In a blog post Feb. 5, John Lam, a Microsoft engineer who is heading up the IronRuby project, extended a “warm welcome to Wayne, and we invite anyone else who wants to work on IronRuby to join our Open Source project. Microsoft Research funded a portion of the development of Ruby.net, and their parser lives on in IronRuby thanks to the excellent work that Wayne did in producing the Gardens Point Parser Generator.”

More: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Application-Development/Head-of-Ruby-Project-to-Support-Microsoft/

How to Register .ID domain names

To register the domain .CO.ID, local owner presence is required and domain name must be similar to company name or exact match of registered trademark in Indonesia. If you own the registered trademark for the domain but do not have a local contact, a local contact can be arranged for you, at a cost of $100 per year per domain. You must have a registered trademark in Indonesia to register .co.id domain names.

To register a trademark in Indonesia, you will need to visit http://www.dgip.go.id/ or contact an attorney to file for an Indonesian trademark. For more information about international trademarks, visit http://www.wipo.int/madrid/en/ . To search existing trademarks visit http://www.wipo.int/ipdl/en/search/madrid/search-struct.jsp and select “mark”, enter your word in the corresponding field and click “search”.

As far as we know, there is no .com.id, only .co.id is allowed.  To register a .co.id (no such thing as .com.id), you will need to have a business registered in Indonesia. If you are unable to meet this restriction, you can still register a .web.id domain.