Joomla exploit fix

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As many web developers now frequently use Joomla as their application, we have researched a fix to block some common Joomla exploits. This article contains tips on what codes ca be placed in your .htaccess file inside your httpdocs directory. ########## … Continued

Local Government Development Foundation – Online

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LOGODEF is a Manila-based non-stock, non-profit organization established on March 21, 1989 for the purpose of providing professional services to local governments in support of central government efforts to promote the continuing development of Philippine local authorities. The Foundation is … Continued

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Konverg is a Business Technology company dedicated to helping businesses owners get empowered with the latest web technologies. It aims to provide the best and most relevant business applications with the lowest total cost of ownership to small and medium … Continued

Microsoft Hosting Conference

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Pictures from the conference: The departure area of the Bangkok International Airport JJ Jager of SWSOFT in one of the technical sessions showing off billing and hosting automation provisioning: Mr Alvin Lim, Director, Hosting and Software Services, communications and Media … Continued

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