Monde Nissin Statement on Melamine Scare

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Monde Nissin is a webhosting client of Bitstop Network Service. Here is their statement about the melamine scare hitting the Philippines: In light of the recent issue concerning melamine, please be assured that all milk ingredients used in the production … Continued

PNP Calabarzon

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The official site of PNP Calabarzon is now up and running.The site showcases their history, organizational chart, news release and many other useful links about PNP Calabarzon.

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SPAsia offers the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Step inside inviting SPAsia and breathe. Luxuriate and pamper yourself in this spacious spa therapy center and find your personal space.It’s a place where every treatment is … Continued

Child Love, Life and Light

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Child Love, Life and Light stands for a home with a mission to provide joyful experiences, creative learning and discovery for children. It also offers coaching for parents in nurturing the moral, and internal growth of their children. Headed by … Continued

Bitstop congratulates Counter Strike Gameserver winner

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Bitstop congratulates Rapunzel G. Salinas (a.k.a. Lady Hawk) for being the top winner of the recent Counter Strike Gameserver Challenge. On the picture shows Bitstop’s Marlon Macam awarding the Razor Destructor to Lady Hawk, who is from 10 Montemayor St. … Continued

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The Ati-Atihan Town of Kalibo is the Capital of the Province of Aklan has launched its official website. Kalibo boasts of various distinctions and attractions that include the multi-awarded and leading national study tour destination, the Mangrove Reforestation project cum … Continued

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