Bitstop to Open Multimedia Internship Program

Bitstop Inc is inviting interested students from around the world to join our Multimedia Internship program. This program will help Bitstop Inc’s pioneering role in the webcasts of Philippine content by developing 5.1 surround raBitstop dio broadcast on the web.

Key technologies include Microsoft Encoder, Silverlight, and exploring ways to delilver multi media content unto various targetted platforms.

Online Interview dates will be on June 1, 2009 from 2pm onwards. Interested parties are asked to click on this link: Multimedia Internship Program.

Bitstop to Open Social Networking and eBusiness Internship

Bitstop is inviting interested students from all over the world to join us in our Social Networking internship program. This program allows our interns to explore social networking technologies. Interns will also be exposed to other cultures as well.

Interns will have first hand experience not only in promoting websites via social networking sites, but also help in planning, provisioning and maintaining client web projects.

Click here for more details

8 CSU students Completed 324 Hour OJT

csuojts6On-the-Job trainees from Cagayan State University completed 324 hours requirement with BNS.

They were introduced to ITIL (Information Technology and Infrastructure Library) which helped them understood the concepts and policies for managing IT infrastructure, development and operations. Also, part of their training include monitoring and network management using SNMP and Orion.

group-12The CSU OJTs in their final pose wtih Lyz, Karen, Mike and Kevin

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BNS hires 2 from CLSU

cristinaana BNS hires two newly graduates from Central Luzon State University to be part of their team. Ma. Cristina G. Bayno and Anazel P. Gamilla are former OJTs of BNS early this year who made a good impression out of their performance. To Ana and Tina, welcome to the team!

clsuojts Left shows Ana and Tina with Bitstop’s Gerard, Mike and Karen.

Calling WordPress Theme Developers

Dont be shy! Your prospective clients are looking for you! If you are a WordPress theme developer, just place a comment here and list your Name, Contact details, and references to your work. You may also want to avail of free listing on site (PR 3) and on (PR4)

This site has a PR 6 rank so a listing will also enhance your websites’ PR ranking. Only Webdevelopers with NO negative feedback will be listed here.

Why are we doing this? BNS is frequently asked by our friends, partners, hosted and prospective clients for referrals to web developers, and we felt it was our duty to the community to form such a list.

BNS Adopts ITIL v3.0

As part of continuing service improvement, BNS hosting today announced the deployment and adoption of ITIL v3.0 software to help track our Service Asset Management and change configuration management initiatives.

All BNS servers, routers, switches, firewalls and workstations will now be tracked using the ITIL v3.0 software. BNS adopted this hosted ITIL v3.0 software solution for quick rampup.

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Your Zeemote JS1 controller has a precision analog thumbstick and four buttons. It is designed to be used with compatible mobile games and applications. The JS1 can be used in place of or in addition to the keys on the phone.

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