hosted at BNS HostingSolsona was created as a municipality in 1880, followed by the organization of the barrios. Solsona, also called as the “Zone of the Rising Sun”, which, to the Spaniards, is “Zona del Sol”. Solsona, after all, is coined from the Spanish phrase, Zona del Sol. This town is so appropriately named as it boasts of a beautiful scenery as the morning sun majestically rises from the Cordillera Ranges.

Solsona continues to climb to its summit and it gives pride to every Solsonian in the world. And as a way to thank the Lord for His eternal love and supervision, Solsona, through the efforts and passion of its people, will be dynamically conducting a month-long celebration in January 2010 in time for the 3rd Gameng Festival.

As it is being called the “Land of Sunrise”, Solsona will continue to shine its radiance in the years to come. hosted at BNS HostingHistory reveals that Dasol got its name from a medicinal herb called “DOSOL” which abounds in the area. The Spaniards hardly pronounced “Dosol” as when spoken, the word sounded “DASOL”. It became its official name when it was created as municipality.

Dasol is a promising town endowed with rich natural resources. See its official website to know more about Dasol and its tourist destinations. hosted at BNS HostingAt Magic Bag they wanted to design a way in which motorcycle, underbone and scooter owners could carry their possessions, shopping or work effects easily, safely and affordable.

Most importantly however was that their bags needed to be able to be stored in the under seat compartment of most bikes (unlike more rigid and bulky bags currently found on the market). This would ensure that the bags would be available for use at all times (including the unexpected ones!).

Magicbag bags are weather and water resistant, highly durable and use the best materials available as well as the highest standard of craftsmanship. All our bags are hand made.

Parallels to Enable Cloud Services Providers to Extend Virtualized Services

Cloud enablement leader, Parallels Inc, is announcing the long-awaited availability of its Parallels Bare Metal 4, a hypervisor-based solution, and the Parallels Containers 4.5 for Windows.

The announcement of the new solutions – widely seen as the new “gold” standard for public clouds – closely follows the succesful inaugural cloud-focused Parallels APAC Summit 2009 on 25th Sep 2009 in Singapore, during which the Parallels team shared details of the company’s expansion plans.

Benefits to Cloud Services providers

1. Most profitable and best time-to-market: Drop-in integration into an existing Parallels Container environment

2. Enables widest range of services
* Offer cloud-based mode, replacement to low-end dedicated servers, development environment, server consolidation, bundles and more
* Expand virtualization revenue streams
3. Lowest support and operational costs
* Self-servcie and delegated management tools
* Tools, APIs and CLIs to manage both VMs and Containers
* Streamlined management of mixed environment reduced training time and needs for admin staff

With Parallels new offerings, cloud services providers can choose the best server virtualization approach: Container-based services or hypervisor-based services.

Advantages of the Parallels Server Bare Metal 4

The Parallels Server Bare Metal 4 – which is available from 7th Oct 2009 – has the following advantages:
– Powerful hypervisor for max performance
– Leverages on Intel VT-x and AMD-v technologies*
– Proven solution that leverages Parallels’ award-winning Parallels Virtuozzo containers and Parallels Desktop wth FastLane architecture
– Full-featured solution with complete set of service delivery and life-cycle management tools.

The Parallels Server Bare Metal solution will be available in multiple editions, including:
– Service Providers edition;
– Standard edition (standalone hypervisor) which includes unlimited hypervisorVMs on a single server and the Parallels Virtual Automation license; and
– Advanced edition (combined containers and hypervisors) which includes unlimited hypervisor VMs and unlimited Linux containers and Parallels Virtual Automation license.

Public Advisory: San Roque Dam has no crack

This is to inform the public that the text messages that has been spreading all through out, stating that the San Roque Multipurpose dam in San Manuel, Pangasinan has cracked is totally FALSE. We got the confirmation direct from San Roque and this is what they have to say:

“This is to assure the public – San Roque Dam is INTACT. There is no crack. There will be no dam break. The dam is strong and firm.” -Tom Valdez, Vice President, San Roque Power Corp.