BNS is Pilot Testing Video Monitoring Service

Since BNS NOC team is on 24×7 basis and monitoring servers, why not extend the monitoring to cover also the video surveillance? This is exactly the aim of our pilot testing to enable BNS to one day offer 24×7 video surveillance to selected clients.

The Video Monitoring service is envisioned to provide peace of mind to property and business owners with 24×7 staff keeping tabs on the remote video feed from newer generation Digital Video Recorders that have internet capabilities.

BNS team can also help plan the optimal location and aim of the various types of dome cameras for maximum coverage. Instant alerts are provided for every notable ‘incident’. This service can be rendered worldwide.

MagnaCAD Technologies School

MagnaCAD hosted at BNS HostingThe MagnaCAD Technologies School Inc. is established on the 10th November 2003 registered under Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines Law with Registration No. CN200340917. MagnaCAD, a private school; operates a CAD learning center that provide courses of study in Vocational/Technical subjects.

Check their site now to know more about MagnaCAD.

HPI hosted at BNS HostingHYTEC POWER, INC. is a 100% Filipino-owned company founded by Engr. Eric Jude S. Soliman. It is geared towards becoming a leader in creating solution profile to industries’ problems in terms of hydraulics, pneumatics, high-pressured hydraulic tools and equipment, automotive service equipment, instrumentation, automation and the academe’s course requirements.

To know more about them visit their site.