Data Center Summit in Singapore

Summit to be held at Suntec Convention Center, Singapore on 14th of September, 2010.

In a bid to improve efficiency and considerably reduce costs, CIOs are now looking into virtualising their data centres as a viable option. However, only 28% so far have incorporated virtualisation into their IT structure as security seems to be of their primary concern.

Based on the successful run of the Data Centre series for the last 5 years, this year Data Centre Summit 2010 will look at addressing key concerns CIOs and IT professionals are facing and equipping them with the knowledge to get the necessary buy-in from their top management in investing into a virtualised dynamic data centre.

Get the program details here:

Request for Proposals: ISO9000

BNSHosting is looking to be ISO9000 certified organization. We are looking for tenders from interested parties to help us make this possible. Please send your proposal to team[at]

Becoming ISO9000 certified enables us to increase our level of service to our clients and positions us for growth in the datacenter and hosting service industry.

PLDT Equipment Failure at MGO

One of our multiple links to the internet went down at 11:40 am today. While our surviving links are capable of handling the traffic, it may not take the most optimal route and so some slowdown in access may result.

As of this time, PLDT MGO equipment failure in Makati has been identified as the cause. No restoration time has been given. We will post more info on our website as we get more details.

As of 4:50pm the link went back up. BNS is currently monitoring the line. Thanks to all our clients for the feedbacks.

Information Security Event

Info security
Information security

With Internet use becoming a more popular activity among Filipinos today, we recognize the need to have a secure environment that will protect the corporate and user environment. In this regard, DigitalFilipino Club and Posh Marketing Services presents the InfoSec Conference 2010 that gathers top practitioners who will share best practices on Information and Technology security.

Speakers from global enterprises, technology leaders, certified security professionals and law enforcers will identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities your companies are facing today. Expect speakers to provide preventions and solutions to protect your business.
Date: August 25, 2010 Time: 9am to 5pm Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, Makati City

Reducing your email’s spam score

BNShosting came upon several of our clients whose emails were tagged as spam by spam assassin. Obviously, a score of 4.3 and above would generally trigger the [spam] message and other email clients would send it off to the junk folder. So their email may not end up being read by their recipients.

To learn how to reduce the spam score of emails being sent out, you need to avoid things that spammers generally use in their emails. This site offers valuable ideas:

The summary of things to lower spam score:

1. Avoid using words like “Click below”, “Risk free” , “To be remove, reply via email”
2. Avoide using HTML format
3. Excessive capitalization (Yelling)
4. Avoid using toll free number
5. Avoid making Offers, discounts, promotions, $$$,
6. Do use SPF (Sender Provider Format) on your email domain
7. Dont include a disclaimer that your email is NOT spam.
8. Use open and conversational language

To check out your email before you send them out: