Our condolences

Our condolences with the family and love ones left behind by Mam Beta Balagot-Gan, of ComNet and Mozcom who passed away yesterday morning, 23 November 2010. Her wake is at Loyola Memorial in Marikina, Philippines. The news was posted at Doc T”s facebook page.

Websites help increase sales

Source: http://dealnews.com/features/Survey-85-Research-Online-Then-Hit-Black-Friday-Stores/404165.html

Online retailers will probably be scratching their heads at this conundrum of statistics: While 85% of people now research and compare prices online on Black Friday, the majority of them then turn off the computer and head to the stores to do their actual spending.

A new poll released exclusively to dealnews by Lightspeed Research shows that 64% of people still end up buying in stores, even though the vast majority of them now research online first.

“No matter how convenient online shopping may be during the holidays, it appears that the majority of consumers still enjoy making their final holiday purchases in-store,” said Chris Urinyi, CEO, The Americas, of Lightspeed Research. “We can only make assumptions as to why, but I would suspect that it may simply be that people enjoy the holiday shopping experience in itself, or that the desire to browse and touch gifts in person before making a purchase outweighs the convenience of shopping online.”

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