The Municipality of Castilla, Sorsogon has launched its official website dedicated to serve its townsfolk as well as those who live abroad.

The website contains, a section for all projects being acted upon by their Mayor, Hon. Olivia M. Bermillo. It also has useful sections like Tourism, Services, Directory and a Guestbook to cater the visitor’s suggestions or comments.

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  1. poblacion castilla sorsogon dont have clean drinking water in their place. some of them buy drinking water in sorsogon,some in d spring. i know it’s not safe for the kids. can you help us ?

  2. Hi, I’m from Australia and looking for Mr. Leopoldo Legaspi La Torre or any of his relatives from Castilla. He was a school teacher
    in Rabaul, New Guinea in the 1970s and he is probably 70 years old now. I’ll be most grateful if you could help me. Thank you.
    my e-mail:

  3. It’s nice to see you launched this website for Castilla. This is very nice -we here in abroad can communicate now easily to the people of Castilla especially to our relatives and friends. Keep up the good work, hopefully to see more progress on this site in the future.

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