PHP runs 10X faster in IIS 7.0

One of the key takeaways from the Microsoft Technet in KL, Malaysia is the talk on New features of IIS 7.0. Among the exciting things is the support for native FastCGI mode. This allows IIS 7.0 to run PHP applications some 10 to 20 times faster!

The use of metabase has also bee removed. This allows the configuration information to be stored in web.config files. This means that websites can be deployed by XCOPY or similar file copy programs. There is no need to migrate the IUSR account anymore.

BNSHosting can also offer Windows 2008 Web edition as the IIS 7.0 now supports non windows AD accounts. It can authenticate to IIS created users. Then it also allows remote administration and delegation of task.

Its interface has been improved and looks a bit like Plesk control panel. I also heard the speaker, Ken Shaefer say that IIs 7.0 will offer similar functionality to apache’s mod rewrite and mode_proxy. And if that werent enough, FTP will support multiple host per IP!!!