SEMCON 2007 Audio Faith Ponte

Faith Ponte, the head of Marketing and Web Services department, Bigfoot Global Solutions discussed Email Marketing. According to Faith Ponte’s presentation, most important advertising tactics are mail marketing, search marketing and display ads.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective forms of marketing used today. To do a successful mail marketing, she cited 8 steps to do.

Plan and strategize,
Build and manage lists,
Be creative, segment,
Target and personalize,
Know privacy and regulary aspects,
Delivery and ISP relations relations,
Open, click and convert, and finally
Test and measure.

Of course, email marketing does not only include deploying emails to lot of people, but also monitoring the results of the campaign.

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SEMCON 2007 Audio Jay Estaris

Mr Jay Estaris, head of Skyefire Consulting, discussed Web Analytics Best Practices. The strategies in measuring the performance of your site include counting page views, counting impression, and page taggers.

Even when a company’s website is on the top, a company needs to further measure and manage their site. They need to know where their visitors came from, and so on..

He also discussed the types of web analytics software like logfile analyzers, page taggers and hybrid. He also cited the pros and cons of each.

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SEMCON 2007 Audio Andrian Lee

Mr Andrian Lee, the director of Philippine and Emerging Markets, Asia Pay, discussed Perfect Check Out. Mr Lee quoted “The power of search is negated by the absence of online fulfillment.”

He clearly emphasized that for a perfect checkout to happen, your customers need to shop and that your site must be shopping cart enabled. Perfect checkout has many advantages, some of these are, perfect checkout creates an eMarketing Relationships, sets up more sales and more..

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SEMCON 2007 Audio Marc Macalua

Mr Marc Macalua, a veteran Internet Marketer and the founder of SEO Philippines, discussed Landing Page Optimization (LPO). There are reasons why LPO matters: every click leads to a landing page, it is easy to clck but hard to convert, and clicks cost money.

Mr Macalua also gave tips about making great landing pages. Some of these were, to choose a good url/host, work on layout, form design and more..

As a summary of Mr Macalua’s presentation, you must convince visitors to stay to your site, convince your visitor to accept your offer/services, and provide friction-free way to accept your services, through easy fill out forms.

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SEMCON 2007 Audio Regnard Raquedan

Mr Regnard Raquedan, user group manager of Adobe User Group Philippines discussed redesigning your website, when, what and how?

His first advice was to redesign your website ONLY when there is a need for it. He discussed the parts of a site that may need the redesign. Among these are the homepage, the page layout, navigation, and the page elements.

The basic framework that should be in mind when planning on redesigning your site are: first analyze, define your audience/users, then define and evaluate.

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SEMCON 2007 Audio MJ Choi

During the second day of SEMCON 2007, October 10, 2007, Mr. MJ Choi, Senior sales Manager of Yahoo! South East Asia shared actual case studies involving campaigns that were ran on Yahoo like KFC and Kellog’s Special K.

Online banner ads, and perfect “call to action” links are some of the valuable tips Mr. Choi shared. Different approaches to search marketing was also discussed, one is the Display and Search Approach.

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SEMCON 2007 Elymar Apao Audio

Elymar “Jozzua” Apao was the next speaker, he discussed mainly about the link building tactics, tools and techniques. The objectives are, to earn income, be seen on search engines, be on the first page and be number one.

To achieve these objectives, your site must get links, use keywords for hyperlinks, do link building, do press release and more.

He shared a lot of SEO tools references to know more about link building and how to find relevant links.

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