Hosted VOIP PBX Solution

Are you still using the old analog PABX? It’s time to switch over and go digital!

While the biggest savings come from lower toll charges of a digital PABX, most clients find other features such as: Voice Mail Box, easy to configure IVR (Integrated Voice Response System), and user mobility as among some of the unbeatable features that old analogue PBX can not offer.

Voice mail box allows your callers to leave you their name, number and message when they call you after office hours. You can then retrieve the voice mail either from your handset, or have it sent to your email!

IVR allows you to service common caller queries by programming voice responses to serve them. For example, the IVR system can say ” Press 9 to find out our great offers for the day!” and when the caller presses “9”, a pre-recorded message will tirelessly deliver your latest product promotions!

Mobility allows you and your staff to travel anywhere with their handsets, plug it to the internet, and all calls to the same extension will ALWAYS go to that handset! Your calls follow you wherever you go! Your branches are now local extensions…and hence, the savings in toll charges!

BNS offers two solutions for upgrading your old PBX. One is to help you deploy an inhouse system, and the other is to offer a hosted VoIP/PBX solution. The hosted solution would help get you up and running without worrying about the maintenance of your pabx.

Other features include Auto-Attendant, Call Distribution, Call Parking, Call Forwarding, Music-on-Hold, Ring-All, Extension groups and many more! Our VOIP/PABX solution is suitable for call centers, information centers and the like.

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PBX Hosted Solutions

Bnshosting got to join the Asterisk Conference in Malaysia where Asterisk was discussed as an engine for other applications, not only in PABX.  Photo below shows Mr Mark Spencer, creator of asterisk and founder of Digium during the event: