Ransomware based Data Leaks comparison 2022 and 2021

In its 2022 Global Threat Report, CrowdStrike warned that cyberattacks are “moving beyond malware” and increasingly “living off the land,” or using legitimate credentials and built-in tools to access their victims’ networks. Of all the detections indexed by CrowdStrike Security Cloud in the fourth quarter of 2021, the report said, 62% of them were malware-free, “exploiting stolen user credentials and identity to bypass legacy security solutions.”

Ransomware Data Leaks Doubled
CrowdStrike Report Shows 2021 Ransomware Data Leaks Doubled in Education Sector

Source: https://thejournal.com/articles/2022/02/15/cybercrime-report-shows-2021-ransomware-data-leaks-doubled-in-education-sector.aspx


WordPress Secured Hosting – What to Look For in a Secure WordPress Hosting Provider

Finding a WordPress Secured hosting service is an art. You need a service that combines rock-solid reliability with high security standards without breaking the bank. Here are some things to look for in a WordPress Secured hosting provider.

First, you should make sure that your host has proactive firewalls and daily malware scans. Second, you should ensure that your website is protected with SSL certificates. This secure technology encrypts all communication between web browsers and your site.

You also need to control the access to various technical areas, including the database and admin panel. You can make sure that the hosting provider controls this access by clearly stating the policies of its website owners. For example, you can control who has access to the WP-admin area. If the site administrator needs to modify any passwords, you can change the access path to the admin panel. By doing so, hackers will not be able to see the information on your site.

Moreover, you should also track the activities in the admin area. This is important to detect any malicious actions that may be performed by users on your site. If you have more than one user, you should consider using WP Activity Log. This feature lets you view all changes made to several areas of your website. It logs new files, deleted files, and any modifications to any file. This feature is essential for keeping your website secure.

The most secure WordPress hosts have two-factor authentication to prevent hackers from accessing your site with just their credentials. Some of them even offer automatic backups to ensure the safety of your data. You should also check out the customer reviews to make sure that they offer a high level of security. Then, sign up for a WordPress Secured hosting service. Keep in mind that most Web hosts offer WordPress services for free. However, it is important to remember that a secure hosting solution should not come cheap.

The best WordPress Secured hosting services should have an additional protection for your website.Wordfence is an effective plugin that monitors your WordPress installation activity. It records any changes and new files. It is also free to download. Furthermore, the software is free to use. In addition, Wordfence Security is a powerful WordPress plugin that alerts you to potential security issues. It is also compatible with the WP core. Having Wordfence installed on your website will increase protection of your content from malware.

While WordPress is an open source system, security vulnerabilities can still be present. This means that you need to keep up with the latest updates of the software to stay safe. It is also important to upgrade to the latest version of your server to avoid being hacked. Regular updates will keep your website secure. The security of your website is paramount, so you should choose a WordPress Secured hosting provider that provides the highest levels of security.