Bitstop applies with Microsoft Bizspark Program

What is BizSpark?
Program Overview
BizSpark is an innovative new program that unites startups with global entrepreneurial and technology resource in one community, with a common goal of supporting and accelerating the success of a new generation of high-potential Startups. BizSpark is uniquely designed to help Startups engaged in software development to jump-start their business, by: • Providing them with “express access” to Microsoft tools and technologies, for their immediate use in design, development, testing, demonstration, and hosted application production and deployment; and • Connecting them with Network Partners and a united, global community of resources designed to support them.

Program Highlights:
For BizSpark Network Partners and Hosting Partners: 1. Eligibility: • Network Partners: Network Partners are active members of the local software ecosystem engaged with high-potential, early stage Startups. They are organizations specifically focused on supporting software entrepreneurs and Startups, or whose activities include a focus on promoting and supporting software Startups, through programs, mentoring, networking, business advice, financial and legal assistance, or similar services and activities. • Hosting Partners: Hosting Partners are designated Network Partners who can provide hosting services for “software as a service” solutions developed by BizSpark Startups. Generally they are members of the SaaS Incubation Center Program. 2. Term: Perpetual unless terminated by either the Network Partner or Microsoft. 3. Fee: Network Partners are not charged a fee to participate in BizSpark.

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