Green Virtualized Dedicated Server Hosting Package

Green Virtualized dedicated Servers from BNS Hosting offers the twin benefit of high performance AND lower power usage. The Green Virtualized Servers uses newer Quad Xeon Processors that provides the horsepower to run demanding applications and at the same time uses less energy- decreasing our carbon footprint.

This Virtualized Dedicated server hosting package runs on top of Microsoft Windows 2003 and virtualization technics that combines to cater to our client’s needs – better control over their server at a significantly affordable package.

The Green Virtualized dedicated server hosting includes the following specifications:

·         15 GB of storage space

·         100 GB of bandwidth per month

·         256 MB of guaranteed memory burstable up to 512 mb RAM

·         2 FREE support incidents per month

·         Quad XEON processors

You control your virutalized dedicated server via Microsoft’s RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and install applications on your server. You create your own user authentication database and use your dedicated IP address. This dedicated IP address isolates your server from common problems associated with shared hosting —shared  IP address being listed in spam blacklists.

We can customize the Green virtualized Dedicated server Package by adding options to it. Bigger storage space, higher bandwidth, higher memory, more support incidents are some of the features that can be modified to suit your needs. Give us a call or email us at team[at] to learn more about our Green virtualized dedicated server hosting package.