Araw Values Award

The Advertising Foundation of the Philippines, in collaboration with the ADBOARD, presents the 2006 ARAW Values Advertising (AVA) Awards, the biennial awards program honoring the most outstanding works in the advertising industry that help promote and communicate Filipino values.

Focused on its objective of recognizing advertising that promotes values, the ARAW Values Advertising Awards program is founded on seven (7) Cornerstone Values:

Love of God and respect for religious beliefs
Commitment to truth, honesty and justice
Love of country and respect for national customs and traditions
Reverence for family unity and the inviolability of marriage
Respect and care for human life and dignity and the rights of all
Respect for law and authority and the promotion of self-discipline
Concern for and preservation of environment

One thought to “Araw Values Award”

  1. To all of you…..
    Thanks God and Praise you Jesus for the wonderful blessings and opportunity to bless and help more people around the world.
    Sharing the word of God is the sword of life.
    I loved myself as I loved my country and obey the word of God.
    Loving,caring and understanding is the direction through happiness.
    The key to success read and obey the word of God.
    Plant treasures into the kingdom of God he will plant treasure into your life.
    God bless.
    Love always,


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