SEMCON 2007 Elymar Apao Audio

Elymar “Jozzua” Apao was the next speaker, he discussed mainly about the link building tactics, tools and techniques. The objectives are, to earn income, be seen on search engines, be on the first page and be number one.

To achieve these objectives, your site must get links, use keywords for hyperlinks, do link building, do press release and more.

He shared a lot of SEO tools references to know more about link building and how to find relevant links.

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SEMCON 2007 Michael Turner Audio

Michael Turner, another speaker for the SEMCON 2007, discussed on how to identify competition. To do this, you can check Google search engine result pages, check “allinanchor” search engine result pages for your main keyterm, compare above results, check top competitors at MSN or Yahoo.

He also discussed about “” on how it will help you market online through making a lot of friends. Socialize and digg the stories of your friends. Submit good stories and earn reputation.

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SEMCON 2007 Riza Sanchez Audio

Riza Sanchez was the next speaker, she discussed about the advanced link building strategies, and the benefits of link building. Link building strategies are buzz marketing, link baiting, offline social networking, and competitor analysis.

She also discussed the black, white and “pink” hat techniques of SEO. Pink hat technique uses the feminine side of promoting or link building.

Ms. Riza Sanchez emphasized the importance of “consistency” in off the page optimization.

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SEMCON 2007 Jayvee Fernandez Audio

Jayvee Fernandez, another speaker, discussed about effective web copywriting. He said that a good copy has a good sense of rhythm. Learning to be a creative writer is not easy, you have to have rhythm. Simple, good headlines, not using unnecessary words are the basic of good copywriting.

To develop rhythm, read your article or your work out loud, read lots of books, and believe it or not, learn to dance/sing.

When writing for SEO, according to Jayvee, be more creative rather than putting too much keyword in your article, because being creative will make your reader come back.

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SEMCON 2007 Giovanni Villanueva Wall Audio

Giovanni Villanueva Wall, wife of Aaron Wall, was also a speaker for the conference. She discussed guides to keyword research. She differentiated the diiference between core and modifier keywords. Core keywords are broad and often hard to rank for, while modifiers are long tailed keywords and more specific that they are easier to rank.

She provided the meaning of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Giovanni also discussed about traffic volume, traffic value, competition and on page optimization.

After her speech was finished, the question was, as a SEO starter, what would be best, to use core keywords or modifiers? Giovanni says, starters should use less competitive keywords.

SEMCON 2007 Aaron Wall Audio

Aaron Wall, author of the SEO Book was the keynote speaker on the first dayof the recently held Search Engine Marketing Conference 2007, October 9-10, 2007 at the Hotel Intercon in Makati, Metro Manila.

Aaron Wall’s speech discussed tips on gaining authority in the online world. He also gave tips on how to further promote your site by putting videos that can be embedded. Creating podcasts, putting up a video about your business and uploading it to relevant sites.

Putting relevant contents into your site will make Google rank your site better. Putting in spammy content may get Google to take your site out of the rankings.

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SEMCON 2007 Jonathan Casuncad Audio

Jonathan Casuncad, another Search Engine Marketer, was one of the speakers. He discussed about the the good, the bad and ugly side of SEO. He also discussed how to make a good title tag, description, keyword tag, and web content for your site, and good links that are relevant to your site.

Compared to normal ads that get in the way of good content (aka. Pacquiao title fight that was loaded with lots of ads) SEO does not get in the way; it gives you more control and extends your reach globally.

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Ruby on Rails Training

Mr Wilson Chua, President of is currently attending the Ruby on Rails training in Singapore, conducted by

He is sufficiently impressed with the speed of code creation for websites that are based on database backend.

What is more, little or no SQL background is necessary, as ROR makes this transparent to the web developer.

We would like to touch base with other ROR developer in the country and in SE Asia. Are there groups or clubs that are currently devoted to RoR training?