Double Web Bandwidth:Website Mirroring Service

Double your BandwidthIf your visitors are constantly unable to visit your website because of limited bandwidth and similar limitations, then try our Web Mirroring Service.

WebMirroring effectively doubles the available webservers for your site. It is perfect for serving up more web traffic by using more webservers.  Web Mirroring Service will have mirror image of your current website stored in our servers and this helps out your origin webserver by taking up some of the extra load. This instantly adds an extra webserver.

This service is perfect for handling sudden traffic surges!

Our webmirroring service is available for both the US and Asian target markets. By having mirror copies of your website in either our Asian or US servers, your website visitors will be closer to your content.  This improves the user experience.

Web mirroring Service is easy to implement. We only need to make some minor DNS modifications. Web mirroring service coupled with our global geographically aware DNS service combines to ensure that clients are directed to the closest specified server.

Just engage the service and we deploy this service for you. Email us at team[at] for more details.

26 thoughts to “Double Web Bandwidth:Website Mirroring Service”

  1. Can you give me some reasons why my organization should increase it’s bandwidth from 128k shared to 1MB dedicated service. We are security agency with an increasing number of computers accessing the net and also a website which has a high traffic of visitors willing to provide information about fraud/crime. how do hope to assist us also with this web mirror technology. My org. is very sensitive to security & integrity of it’s electronic transactions..hoping to hear from u…Nana

  2. Hello there,

    Website mirroring can be monthly or annual basis. Our data center is located here in the Philippines; we have one in caloocan and one in Dagupan City. Yes, it will work with VPS but it would work with your website only.

    I’ll ask our Account Care Specialists to send you a proposal.

    Thank you.

  3. hi,

    how much is the website mirroring service?

    is it available on a monthly basis? or should it be paid annually?

    where does your server located for the asian market?

    would it work with a vps?
    would it mirror the whole vps or just a particular website?

    please send me details of this mirroring service.

    hope to hear from you soon.


  4. when are you all guys going to luanch this “Double Banwidth”…. Seems to be interesting… can I try it first?

  5. you did not mention the price details. how much does this cost or is it free? how are we supposed to use this, some helpful links will be helpful

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