What Websites can do for your Business

Primary Goal for your website
Primary goals are those that produce direct and tangible results. They are the goals that bring in the money and generate a return on investment. Primary goals that are appropriate for small businesses are:
  • Generating Leads and referrals
  • Selling Products Online (and globally)
  • Lower operational costs (compared to physical storefront)

Secondary Goals for your website
Secondary goals support the primary ones and produce less tangible benefits, but are important just the same. Good examples of secondary goals are:

  • Building up Credibility
  • Sustaining Current Customers and increase customer service
  • Recruiting Affiliates
Primary goals will make up for the majority of the site’s contents and secondary goals will probably be single-page contents. Questions to ask which will help in setting goals –
  • What actions you want your visitors to perform?
  • What are the secondary tasks that you want your website to do?
  • Will existing customers be using your site?
-Marina, vcBytes.com
One recent example of this is http://digitalfilipinocom.ning.com/video/marketing-a-brick-and-mortar If you know of others that benefited from their websites, do post them here.

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