WordPress TOOL to erase Personal Data

WordPress 4.9.6 included a feature to delete a user’s personal data upon verified request. Deleted data is permanently removed from the database. Erasure requests cannot be reversed after they have been confirmed.

Basic Usage

Erase Personal Data tool uses email validation to send a user’s request to an administrator.

1. Select Tools -> Erase Personal Data from Administration Screens.

Erase Personal Data Screen

2. Specify Username or email address and click Send Request.
If Confirmation request initiated successfully, the request will be shown in below table and Status will be Pending.

Waiting Confirmation


User will receive the following mail titled ‘[<site_name>] Confirm Action: Erase Personal Data’.


A request has been made to perform the following action on your account:

     Erase Personal Data

To confirm this, please click on the following link:

You can safely ignore and delete this email if you do not want to
take this action.

This email has been sent to team@bnshosting.net.

All at <site_name>

3. If user click link in the mail, below dialog box is shown.

At the same time, the Status of Request will be changed to Confirmed,
and Next Steps shows Erase Personal Data button.

Confirmed – Erase Personal Data

4. Click Erase Personal Data.
Status will be changed to Completed,
and Next Steps displays Remove request button.

Notice: There are no confirmation prompt. Clicking the button means erasing the data.

Remove Request

6. Click Remove request. The request will be removed.

Notice: There are no ‘Trash’ status such as Posts’.