Web Ranking -What it is and why it is important for your website

Before, when the rest of the world were just waking up to the benefits of a website (web presence), the issue of website ranking in search results pages like google, yahoo and msn was not important. Because back then, your website would be probably be listed on the first page.

But that has since change since more and more companies are putting up websites of their own. The search results pages that your potential client gets back from google, msn, and yahoo, may not list you on the first page.

And studies have shown that searchers do not typically get past the second page. The implication here is that if your website is not listed in the top 2 pages of search enginee results, then your traffic will drop dramatically.

Conversely, having your website listed on the top 2 pages of search engine results will gain you more traffic!

This is why BNSHosting is now offering our web ranking service for our clients. Our service includes keyword research and recommendation, traffic monitoring and analysis, and all the other ‘trade secret’ stuff that needs to be done to place your site on the top pages of search results pages.

Contact us to find out more by clicking on the “Live Support” icon (if it says “online”) or send an email to team[at]bnshosting.net

Support for Microsoft Expression

Microsoft Expression is the successor to Microsoft Frontpage. In addition to being able to create fully html 4.01 compliant websites, it is capable of supporting ASP.NET 2.0 from the ground up! Other features include full CSS 1.0/2.0/2.1 support and it also generates Section 508 compliant code.

Bitstop is planning on giving a demo/preview of how easy Microsoft Expression can be used to create database driven, CSS, ASP.net 2.0 websites in the coming weeks. Watch this space for further announcements.

Spotlight: John Louie S. Netro

John Louie Netro is a member of Ilustrador ng Kabataan, Philweavers , Tuklas Sinning and Aap. His website, Superluwi.com, also a finalist to the 2006 Philippine Web Awards under Personal category, is basically his own persona that shows the toughness of being a Filipino. He believes that being a Filipino is already an achievement whoever you are whatever you are.

Louie was raised in rural farming town of Isabela and proud of being a “probinsyano”.
He spent a lot of drawing in his childhood and tries to learn and appreciate the good things in everyday life. He considers himself a happy person and loves everything – the colors, sceneries and life. Ever since, he always wanted to do something artistic in his life so he studied fine arts. He believes that life is like an empty canvas and we are the artists of your own lives.

Aside from his parents and friends, he gets his inspiration through the process of communication like joining art organizations, or even by simply reading magazines, chatting with friends and surfing the internet. But mostly, he gets inspired by observing his immediate environment.

Right now, he is currently working as an e-learning developer in Cypress Semiconductor based in Fort Boni. He also manages a small business, i.e., breeding/selling goats in their province. He also have a children’s book coming out early next year.

Spotlight: Joey Alaiza

Joey Alaiza is a freelance web designer and manages his own computer café, “Javahive”, which is located at Lagro, Novaliches QC. He received a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at AMA Computer University and then worked as an Adobe Flash / Photoshop professor in a digital arts school in Makati.

His first major website:Joeyalaiza.com, a finalist in the 9th Philippine Web Awards under the Personal category, is a peek of Joey’s private life and his first hand knowledge about his generation, social growth and constant development in technology.

His passion for digital arts started during his high school days which led him to design his first website solely dedicated to his friends. It was in college where he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in graphic arts that he devoted his time to self-study adobe flash, photoshop, etc. Further more, he attended a crash course in 3D modeling and animation at Microcadd Technologies.

He considers his college thesis, “Save the Earthlings” as his best achievement which obtain him the Best Thesis Award.

Aside from being a web designer, he is currently taking pleasure in mountain climbing and a proud member of LMT Exploration Society. He is now fond of photography and aspires to become a known photographer someday.

Know more about him by visiting his website, JoeyAlaiza.com

Spotlight: RJ Yu

Rj Yu is a junior student at the Ateneo de Manila University majoring in Computer Science. He has a knack for both programming and design, often integrating both in his various projects.

He has been using Flash for web development since he first discovered it, and has fallen in love with the software ever since it’s widespread acceptance. His blog, orangelover.net, also a finalist in the 2006 Philippine Web Awards under Blogs category, is a glimpse of Rj’s normal life and experiences with his God, his family and friends, popular culture and the technology around him that is constantly changing.

He is still currently learning a lot in the fields of programming and design, knowing his quench for knowledge will never end. He is currently working in various projects, both in and out of the web. Aside from IT related projects, he helps out in his local Church.

Know more about him by visiting his blog, The Orangelover.

Spotlight: Rick Manzano

Rick Manzano is an I.T. graduate from Asia Pacific College who’s majored in Systems and Software Engineering but absolutely abhors anything that has to do with programming.

Now, he’s trying to pursue his dream of setting up his own clothing line and to continue being a freelance Web & Graphic Designer Photographer.

A nominee for the 2006 Philippine Web Awards under Blogs category, his photoblog, ProjectManila.com, is his attempt to document his exploits in different parts of the metro (and beyond?) using mostly his trusty cam phone and sometimes his bulky digital cam. He’s currently saving up to buy himself a DSLR, hoping to be a professional photographer someday.

Know more about him in his Portfolio: RickyManzano.com

Spotlight: Chris Amor Arizala

Christian Amor K. Arizala is the president of Caline Images Networks, a graphic and web designer with 3.5 years design experience and over 5 years of computing experience.

In addition to his freelance work, he has a passion for all forms of graphic and web design with an emphasis in logo and image creation. His ultimate goal is to provide a design that is user friendly and is exactly what the client is looking for. He has a diverse mix of design and people skills, enabling him to build solid relationships with customers. It also allows him to be especially attuned to the needs and desires of her customers and clients.

You can contact him thru:
Email: chris_arizala@yahoo.com
Mobile: (63)918-701-9006

Spotlight: Dome Pili

Creative advertising graduate graphic artist web designer/developer with eight years experience designing desktop and print graphics and four years designing website’s freelance and for business clients.

Skills include proven search engine optimisation, MySQL database integration, flash website animation and PHP server side scripting. Highly trained in Digital image and Vector based applications.

Personal Details:

Name: Romericen “Dome” Pili

Nationality: Filipino

Address: 1247 Blumentritt St., Sampaloc Manila, Philippines

Hime: 410 6781

Office Phone: 832 61 09

Email: dome_pili@yahoo.com, dompili@mbcradio.net