Spotlight: John Louie S. Netro

John Louie Netro is a member of Ilustrador ng Kabataan, Philweavers , Tuklas Sinning and Aap. His website,, also a finalist to the 2006 Philippine Web Awards under Personal category, is basically his own persona that shows the toughness of being a Filipino. He believes that being a Filipino is already an achievement whoever you are whatever you are.

Louie was raised in rural farming town of Isabela and proud of being a “probinsyano”.
He spent a lot of drawing in his childhood and tries to learn and appreciate the good things in everyday life. He considers himself a happy person and loves everything – the colors, sceneries and life. Ever since, he always wanted to do something artistic in his life so he studied fine arts. He believes that life is like an empty canvas and we are the artists of your own lives.

Aside from his parents and friends, he gets his inspiration through the process of communication like joining art organizations, or even by simply reading magazines, chatting with friends and surfing the internet. But mostly, he gets inspired by observing his immediate environment.

Right now, he is currently working as an e-learning developer in Cypress Semiconductor based in Fort Boni. He also manages a small business, i.e., breeding/selling goats in their province. He also have a children’s book coming out early next year.

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