Spotlight: Joey Alaiza

Joey Alaiza is a freelance web designer and manages his own computer café, “Javahive”, which is located at Lagro, Novaliches QC. He received a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at AMA Computer University and then worked as an Adobe Flash / Photoshop professor in a digital arts school in Makati.

His first major, a finalist in the 9th Philippine Web Awards under the Personal category, is a peek of Joey’s private life and his first hand knowledge about his generation, social growth and constant development in technology.

His passion for digital arts started during his high school days which led him to design his first website solely dedicated to his friends. It was in college where he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in graphic arts that he devoted his time to self-study adobe flash, photoshop, etc. Further more, he attended a crash course in 3D modeling and animation at Microcadd Technologies.

He considers his college thesis, “Save the Earthlings” as his best achievement which obtain him the Best Thesis Award.

Aside from being a web designer, he is currently taking pleasure in mountain climbing and a proud member of LMT Exploration Society. He is now fond of photography and aspires to become a known photographer someday.

Know more about him by visiting his website,

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