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Every business, regardless of product or service, has certain online requirements that need to be met for the business to not only survive, but thrive in a global marketplace. Each of Optimind’s core services meets a particular need with its own unique suite of sub-services, answering your unique requirements with a unique brand of professional organization, skill, and service that is patently Optimind’s.

• Internet Marketing
Internet marketing aims to make your website popular in terms of traffic and organic search engine results. Optimind’s suite of internet marketing services includes branding, search engine optimization of the website, banner advertisements, and online press release production. Trained internet marketing consultants are prepared to help you start up your website or assist you in enhancing the loyalty of and therefore retaining your numerous customers online, through online promotions, pay-per-click advertising management, and viral websites production.

• Web Design and Development
Optimind does just design a typical website. Optimind designs websites that sell. Each Optimind website is designed using proven persuasive architecture, and further enhanced with search engine optimization and browser compatibility in mind. Every website we build is guaranteed to adhere to our clients’ branding rules and vision, ensuring a perfect fit with your other sales channels.

• Multimedia Production
Optimind specializes in multimedia production that grabs’ viewers attention and refuses to let go. Unique, creative, and highly effective, each multimedia production from Optimind – whether stand-alone or interactive -is created to encourage short-and long-term memory of its topic, and is highly effective for use in the promotion of trade shows and product demonstrations, as well as use in advertisements, business presentations, and educational institutions.

A special Optimind offering is the use of Flash production in the production of interactive CD brochures, a very cost-effective direct mail and B2B tool that is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of many companies in real estate, retail, and media/entertainment; and three-dimensional image production, a highly effective visual aid whose attention-grabbing 3Dgenerated images can simulate walkthroughs and 3D product views that rotate the product and give viewers a virtual look at the product in situations where the product is not available for perusal on the spot.

• Flash Animation Development
Flash animation is a highly effective animated film (in .swif or Adobe Flash formats) that make for spectacular presentation and demonstration of your products and services. Flash videos are known for their visual style and movement; with their relatively small file size, they are ideal for Web distribution. With an award-winning track record, Flash-animation is the

• Adver-Games Development
Wickedly popular and tremendously effective at generating positive word-of-mouth and viral marketing, adver-games are Flash-generated games that entertain and educate the consumer simultaneously through the game’s interface.
• E-commerce Consulting and Development
Proactive commerce has netted countless companies worldwide billions of dollars in revenue! Optimind ensures your company does not get left behind, with a suite of products and services that cater specifically to selling your products effectively. From cross-selling to product placement on your website to online sales teams, we are the trusted experts.
• Virtual Teams
Companies without or that need additional development teams will profit immensely from Optimind’s Virtual Team strategy. Under this lower-cost setup, a project manager will be assigned to your company to handle specific projects, and, depending on the project’s scale and scope, any number of personnel -junior/senior web designers, junior/senior web developers, junior web programmers, senior web programmers, flash producers, flash developers, SEO experts, and telemarketers – will be assigned to your project. You can be assured of personalized communication and topnotch quality: each team has its own dedicated US phone line, IM, and email, and every member of the team is trained in project management, software QA, web development, web design, and other aspects of customer service.

The Optimind E-Marketing Framework is a unique project management system that sets us apart from any other Internet solutions provider on the planet.

Basic Website Development. The first step in the Optimind E-Marketing Framework is the development of a client’s basic website. Designed with Persuasion Architecture (to increase conversion rates) and search engine optimization (to increase organic search engine rankings) in mind, each website and its performance are then monitored by Optimind for an initial three months, with recommendations given by our team of experts to further improve conversion.

Advanced Optimization. Advanced optimization consists of site enhancements based on initial recommendations from Optimind’s team of experts, in turn based on three months’ monitoring of website performance. These enhancements aim to increase quality traffic in preparation for advanced strategy and systems implementation.

Advanced Strategy and Systems Implementation. The client’s website is fully optimized in this step, enhanced with online e-commerce software that includes a basic CRM system, proven online marketing strategies, and solid

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