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BNS Hosting is joining a tender to provide up to 2000 websites a year, in this regard, we are looking for web developers to join our central database so we can farm out the web development work. If we win the tender, we will need a lot of web developers for this project!

Benefits of Listing in Philippine Web Developers

  • Get referrals from us for companies looking for web developers in their area. If your name is on our list, we will refer you to them.
  • Get notified of offers and promotions that are targetted for web developers like free training and events like web developer competitions.
  • Get to join exciting web developer opportunities like Microsoft’s Bizspark project.
  • Heres how to get listed in Philippine Web Developers
    To join web developer listing, kindly email team[at] with the following details:

    In the subject line, please put “Philippine Web Developer Listing Submission
    In the body of the email, please indicate the following:

    Firstname, Lastname, MI
    Contact hand phone,
    Street Address
    City, State, country, zipcode

    Web Development software used
    Web Development reference works

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    1. We are Caline Images Networks that was founded in the year 2004. . We focus on the clients goals to bring their vision to life. Areas of expertise include government sector projects, dynamic content database driven websites, and e-commerce websites.

    2. Its a good opportunity to all the web developers to show their skills as well as they can gain experienced in creating a website.

    3. From jerome Castaneda:

      I need someone to help me upgrade my current website that I’ve started on wordpress.

      What I need if possible is to change the theme uniquely that is SEO friendly that will have a personal touch or brand. Something that will create a Wow effect to any visitor. I plan to create an opt-in box to give some free very valuable stuffs.

      You can reach me at drop me a mail there if you need more info.
      Additional Project Information

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